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Demetrio Alomar

Creator & Founder

Hi, I am Demetrio Alomar, and I am beyond excited to introduce this project to you!  So much pain has come to light in 2020 that it can be hard to feel you can do anything to make a difference, but I don't want to sit back and simply accept that the world is a mess.  Right now, I firmly believe we have a massive opportunity for growth.  I am an artist because I have seen, first-hand, how truly impactful art can be. 
Growing up, I attended the School of the Arts in Rochester, NY, and it forever changed my life. I not only found my artistic passions there, but I discovered the beauty of people from different walks of life coming together and connecting. Being a city school, the School of the Arts was an incredibly diverse place where you could see and hear from all different perspectives. Everyone's voice mattered, and we were encouraged to protest and speak out against things we felt were unjust.
I created Cabarets for a Cause with the understanding that no matter what you have to offer, you can make a difference. I want to use art to expose the significant issues, not hide them. The narratives we tell and the art we create affect the world, and for too long unacceptable behavior has been normalized. Finally, underrepresented stories and voices are starting to be heard, and we need to keep the momentum going. It's time for us, the next generation of artists, to be the change we want to see in the world!

Hayley Knips

Marketing and Media Manager

Hey! I’m Hayley Knips, and I am so thrilled to be working on this project. I have been involved in the arts throughout my entire life and am currently a senior at Nazareth College, where I am earning my BFA in musical theatre. I immediately loved the idea and concept for this cabaret series when I heard about it, and I am so excited to be involved! I fervently believe in the power of performance and how it can create real and lasting change. In fact, it is the main reason I want to have a career in this field.
The performing arts are a part of the entertainment industry, but they are so much more than mere creative fun. Art permeates into almost every facet of our lives and contributes to setting societal expectations. Therefore, I believe artists have both the ability and responsibility to create an inclusive and educated standard. I fell in love with theatre because of the story-telling aspect, but I have the privilege of easily finding myself in the existing stories that many do not have, and that needs to change.
I think this is an excellent opportunity to help create a space that not only artistically highlights the important issues of our world but also works to encourage other activism in our communities.