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Welcome to Cabarets For A Cause. An activist organization founded to combine art with activism. Every month, this page will produce shows in support of different social justice causes. The unique aspect of this venture is that in order to obtain a link and see a show, you must take action. This may include signing a petition, sending an email, donating to a cause, or taking some other concrete step. Each cabaret will have a specific link and options of actions to choose from. Simply go to our website and complete the google form for the cabaret you want to see, and we will email you a link once the cabaret is published. This link will always be available and can be obtained at any time, even if the cabaret has already been published. Thank you so much in advance for your contributions and support. Let’s use our passion and take action to make this world a better place for everyone!


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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther